Liquid 8 Pawn​​ 

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What is a Pawn?

Pawn is a Old World name for a loan. A Pawn is a collateral loan. Just like a car or home loan it is based on the value of what you bring to us to loan on. The BIG difference is you need good credit for a car or home loan. NOT for a Pawn that is based ONLY on value NOT credit, if you default we don't report it and we will still do more Pawn's with you!


What is the terms of a Pawn? 

All Pawn's are regulated by Florida Law and are 30 day loans. The service fee is 25%, which means if you borrowed $20.00 in 30 days you owe $25.00 to get your collateral back. If for ANY reason you can't make the payment the Law gives you a 30 day "grace period" to pay or

by Law you can lose you collateral. 

The Liquid 8 Pawn Advantage

We at Liquid 8 Pawn are here to help you get the money you need and NOT lose your property. All Pawn Shops loan about the same amount. When you bring us your property we will do the research to find the true value at that time and loan you a percent of the value. As all Shops the first 30 days is one money, if you pay off the first day or anytime before the 31st day it's the same amount. After that it's up to the Pawn Broker to charge the fee by the month or by the day. Most all Shops charge by the month which makes them more money because most people that miss that 30 day payoff only need a few more days. We charge by the day, that means you only pay for the time you have the loan, saving you money! The other way we save you money is to allow you to pay down the principal at anytime your fees are current. This can be a big money saver when you borrow a large amount of money and you can buy down the loan over time without losing your property. We also have installed a program in our main computer that will send you a text a few days before your payment is due so that if you get busy and forget we got you covered. We will also TRY to call you before your property is forfeited. When we call or text please respond, we're doing all we can to help you keep your stuff. We're the Shop that cares!