Here @ Liquid 8, the bird is the Word and Spike knows it.

Rick Igo

The Pawn King 

With a love for motorcycles and antiques, Rick is the man with the answers. He is a founding member and the lead consultant of Liquid 8.


Freeloader & Spike's roommate.

The Crew

Jeff  "Gordo" Gordon

Just a drop in the Liquid

Just a piece of the 8

Mark Cockrum

The Jack of all trades. Hailing from the cold tundra of Michigan, Mark is happy to be down here. He has the ability to work on and fix almost anything.

Theo Alexander

Short Sales Manager

Theo is the man that can help you find whatever you are looking for. 


​​​Dellis Cecil

​This motor city bohemian is most likely fishing when he should be at the shop helping out LOL 

Liquid 8 Pawn​​